My first applications in python.

So I have got a 8 week vacation and I want to learn something new! and I have always had a intrest in ethical hacking and malware so I started looking for keyloggers. And so I came across a video from ThinkerNut op YouTube for how to make one, the video was 4 years old but it still worked the only difference is that the exe files were now .whl files so i had to look up what they were and how to install them. So now I had a working keylogged and I set it up to run invisibly on my pc when you ran a shortcut and I wanted to expand my knowledge on python.

So I made a face tracker! I know that sound rediculous going from logging key's to make a AI but I saw a 10 minute video In my reccomended tap where the same youtuber made a very simeple face tracker using openCV. but it didn't do anything special so I started looking up other video's and documentation and I added recordings a Log and identification. the problem is that the haarcascade (the file that tells python what a face is) is far from perfect so since i wear glassed It has a hard time dectcting my face but when it does It know's it's me. so i added my mom and that worked but the problem is data I need hounders of pictures of people so i got about 600 pictures but my mom only has 60 so it's very inconsistent. but over time I hope to improve on this and swap from a training file to deeb learning.


Image of a face tracker identifying me