Mike Raadsheer




I'm making this game to increas mt leaning speed as a developer, the download of this game will be available later on in development.

Why I made this?

In my course as a developer I made various games but finished very few, this game is on my pas as Game#01 and I'm planning to make many more, 2D and 3D, different mechanics and everything. finished games will be up for download later on in development.

How I made it

Saving Data

Just like in my previous Twitch Chat Bot I just use my own Saving system that utilizes JSON. In unity this can easily be done with System.IO and serialization like this the object you serialize is a class with the data structure which is a Serializable for saving the settings I used the Settings.cs file as my structure

How to play

If you'd like to play this game in this extremely early stage please reach out, I'll send you a recent build of the game and a link to a form so you can report any bugs if you'd like to help with the development of the game. or if you know how to use GitHub and unity feel free to clone the project and build it yourself. Just know I'm not responsible if anything happens to your system and other disclaimer stuff, it's all on you if you mess up. I really appriciate your interest in my small game!