Hi I'm Mike

image of Mike on a mountain in japan

That's my tag line and username, it's simple but say's a lot. Programming can be a lot alike in my opinion. On the surface you can't see all the code, time, later night and hard work that went in there but that's exactly how it should be right. This means the code is well written and the application is fast and snappy. Can I make something like that?.. Not yet but, at least I'll keep trying!

In programming it's important to never give up, if you hit a wall just get up. And try a different path. That's the best way to learn, by failing a lot! That's why I learn fast I think, because I fail a lot and I'm always just messing around and I know when I bite off more than I can chew.

I love to share knowledge. And I love the community programming has got, I don't think there is a single other community that is so understanding and helpful to experienced and beginning developers alike. I don't know what I like best yet and therefore I'm always trying new things and asking the community for help, They almost always got an answer and if it wasn't for that I might have never enjoyed programming so much.

I love working with Unity C# because I've been working with it since high school, My current goal is to make a compelling story telling game with minimal art but great fresh puzzling features. I want to learn and I want to contribute to something. Programming can help my fulfill that dream;

image of Mike on a mountain in japan